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Department for Pastoral Ministries at the Archdiocese of San Antonio

Executive Administration

Joan Martinez
Joan Martinez
Department Head

Phone  210-734-1624

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Administration & Budgets

Jazmin Villamil
Jazmin Villamil
Executive Assistant / Ministry Budget Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1650

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Pastoral Secretariats 

Aaron Castillo
Aarón Castillo
Secretariat Director for Mission: Life, Justice, Peace, Outreach, Ministry for Persons with Disabilities & Young Adults

Phone  210-734-1655

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Gloria Zapiain
Gloria Zapiain
Secretariat Director for Evangelization, Catechesis, Faith Formation & Ministry for Persons with Special Needs for Catechesis

Phone  210-734-1960

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Lizett Farias
Lizett Farias
Secretariat Director for Christian Community: Laity, Marriage, Family Life & Youth

Phone  210-734-1646

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Institute for Lay Ecclesial Ministry and Service

Peter J. Ductrám
Peter J. Ductrám

Phone  210-734-5188

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Elizabeth "Liz" Ortiz
Associate Director

Phone  210-734-1989

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Office for Events and Parish Life

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Phone  210-734-1632

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Daniel Oubre
Daniel Oubre
Parish Life Liaison

Phone  210-734-1952

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Ademola Elliotte
Ademola Elliotte
Parish Life Liaison

Phone  210-734-1952

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Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores
Parish Life Liaison

Phone  210-734-1952

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Maria Duran
Maria Duran Gonzalez
Event Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1637

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Nicky Mata
Nicky Mata
Event Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1651

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Charles Ramirez
Charles Ramirez
Graphic Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1902

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Kathryn Sauceda
Kathryn Sauceda
Graphic Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1981

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Office for Liturgy and Pastoral Care 

Grace Rodriguez
Grace Rodriguez

Phone  210-734-1643

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Yessica Marval
Yessica Marval
Liturgical Coordinator

Phone  210-734-1653

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Deacon Bob Leibrecht
Deacon Bob Leibrecht
Director, Criminal Justice Ministry

Phone  432-889-3858

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Angela Mauer
Angela Mauer
Director, Deaf Ministry

Phone  210-836-5170

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Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez
Director, Hospital Ministry

Phone  210-415-5552

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Fr. Tomy Raphel, Chaplain, Hospital Ministry Chaplain
Fr. Tomy Raphel
Chaplain, Hospital Ministry
Fr. Alejandro del Bosque, Hospital Ministry Chaplain
Fr. Teji John Thanippilly
Chaplain, Hospital Ministry
Veronica Ybarra
Veronica Ybarra
Director, Campus Ministry

Phone  830-486-5509

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Sister Clarice Suchy
Sister Clarice Suchy
Coordinator, Campus Ministry

Phone  210-699-9594

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Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez
Coordinator, Campus Ministry

Phone  210-667-8740

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>Dalton Mazuca
Dalton Mazuca
Coordinator, Campus Ministry

Phone  210-687-0959

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Fr. Brian Garcia
Chaplain, Campus Ministry
Lee Ann Richardson
LeAnn Richardson
Coordinator, Campus Ministry

Phone  210-421-7266

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El Camino de San Antonio Missions

Rebecca Simmons
Rebecca Simmons
Executive Director
Archdiocesan Director, Las Misiones

Phone  210-734-1648

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Karla Vasquez
Karla Vasquez
Office Manager, Las Misiones

Phone  210-357-5602

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